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European Coastal Landscapes Summer School

The Summer School European Coastal Landscapes: past present and sustainable future focusses on the historical identity, topical issues and future strategies of coastal landscapes. The UNESCO World Heritage Coast of the Wadden Sea Region (The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark) will act as a living lab for lectures, debates and workshops in the lively historic student town of Groningen and the charming Wadden Sea Island of Texel in The Netherlands. The Centre for Landscape Studies welcomes participants to visit lectures and living labs by leading experts and work with practical research assignments on ‘real’ issues as:  Cultural Heritage Planning with Nature  Coastal Tourism Sense of Place  Regional Food Production Well-known international experts will lecture on European coastal landscapes, cultural heritage, sense of place, planning with nature, landscape design and sustainable agriculture.During the ‘living labs’ participants will receive a group assessment on Monday, formulated by specific stakeholders/problem owners from the Wadden Sea area. Groups of 5-6 students will work on this assessment throughout the week, coached by an expert in the field of landscape history, regional food, landscape planning or landscape design. Methods include field work, interviews with stakeholders, map analysis, GIS-based interdisciplinary landscape analysis, group debates and design-based research.The Summer School is open for registration now! Interested and want to apply? Please visit the website below and follow further instructions. Please note that additions to the program and other information will be announced through this website.

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